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* This is not the official website of DXN Holdings Malaysia We are a main office and representative (Main stokics) for Bulgaria!

Welcome to the Daxen Bulgaria website

Daxen Bulgaria is part of the large family of DXN Holdings Malaysia and the official representative and main office (Main Stokics) for Bulgaria. Our products have been awarded the highest quality certificates worldwide and are part of the lives of more than 10 million consumers worldwide.

The company owns the largest farm for the production of Ganoderma in the world, also known as Lingzhi (Reishi or the Mushroom of Longevity) and has proven for the last 5,000 years its exceptional impact on the human body, as well as all medicinal mushrooms from the Eastern Pharmacopoeia such as cordyceps, hericium …

Quality certificates - ISO 9001, GMP and HALIL
Shop in Sofia, Ivaylo 12
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Health products

What do we offer?

Our customers for more than 8 years enjoy good health and tone with a wide range of foods, supplements and beverages, all natural with 100% active substance content, alkaline coffee with ganoderma and excellent taste, cosmetics of the highest class and others .

With us you can find everything you need to feel healthy, toned and positive, with high spirits, confidence and faith in the future!

Your health and good mood is our mission!



Cordyceps is also known as the caterpillar fungus or Cordyceps sinesis. From ancient times, called the strongest natural antibiotic, “lung tonic” and natural aphrodisiac, it gives the body a lot of energy and good mood.

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