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Гъба кордицепс, която намалява умората; подобрява физическата издръжливост и устойчивост, подобрява дишането.
The caterpillar-vegetable


Cordyceps is also known as the caterpillar fungus or Cordyceps sinesis.

From ancient times, called the strongest natural antibiotic, “lung tonic” and natural aphrodisiac, it gives the body a lot of energy and good mood.

Most widely used by healers in the East, for colds, inflammation and alkalization of the body.

In the wild, it grows in the highlands of Tibet, where Tibetan bulls use it for food and receive a lot of energy and oxygen to carry loads, climbing high ridges, where the air is very dilute and poor in oxygen.

The mushrooms for this product are grown in specially regulated facilities and under GMP control (good manufacturing practices).

Created in ideal conditions, this powerful supplement is high in Cordycepin and other nucleoside derivatives, provides optimal vitality and rapid recovery of the body. Dried and ground into a fine powder, with us you will find the product in the form of capsules and powder.

With its high content of metabolites, including beta-glucans and other polysaccharides, nucleoside derivatives, phytosterols (including ergosterol – provitamin D2), proteoglycans and enzymes, the Cordyceps mushroom is gaining popularity, widespread use and is becoming an integral part of our daily lives.

The queen of mushrooms


The “queen of mushrooms” as it is called in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, where it is ranked first. Known for more than 5,000 years for giving the body youth and longevity.

You can find it under different names like Reishi or Lingzhi, and in nature it chooses among 250 trees one to release its spores. It belongs to the family of so-called vital mushrooms and cannot be eaten raw due to the fact that it has the structure of a tree.

It uses a deep-frozen extract such as a cocktail of polysaccharides, organic germanium and a wide range of minerals and nutrients that help the body get rid of toxins, alkalize and clean blood vessels and help the body heal quickly.

Гъба ганодерма (рейши), която подобрява имунната система, помагайки на тялото да се справя със заболяванията още в зародиш.
Гъба херициум, която притежава антибактериални, противогъбични и противовъзпалителни свойства. Тя е подходяща за подложените на стрес и нервно напрежение, поради благоприятното си влияние върху нервната система.
The caterpillar-vegetable


Hericium (LIONS MANE) Translated from English-Hericium erinaceus is a mushroom that is edible and at the same time belongs to the group of medicinal vital mushrooms.

It grows in the forests of North America, Europe and Asia, and can be identified by the long pendants that appear on the trees where the name and Lion’s mane or Monkey’s head come from.

A popular delicacy that can be consumed and prepared after heat treatment, this mushroom is very famous for its effect on the nervous system and is also called a tonic for the nerves, as it helps the rapid recovery of the cell membrane of the nerve endings and contributes to concentration and mental process.

An integral part of a healthy diet, good digestion and clear thinking with a positive attitude Hericium will change your daily life and the body’s resistance to stress and tension.

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